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Fifi Buntaran Indonesia Top Model


Super-successful people have a problem of trust. Here are a couple of confidence qoute feel a little better about your situation ….

Barbara Streisand has a period of time (after it had become a great success in music and movies), where he was absolutely terrified to go on stage. Barbara has been a problem of trust. It took all the courage she could make a return if performance is not alone!

Another good example is .. Me! I used to be so shy he can not lead a prayer group in silence! I could not talk to people, I felt the lack of conversation (sometimes even feelings), and certainly could not see any degree of success in all that I attempt. You know what was missing? It is … Trust!

Want to know how to overcome this obstacle and have started having some success in my life?

I would say that one of the keys to overcoming shyness is my education. When he left the army, I decided it was time to do something in my life (I had no idea) and go to college. At school, I became a psychology with plans to teach. Later, he discovered that teaching is not what I wanted to do, but courses in psychology taught me some things about my shyness and confidence.

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