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Sexy hot bugil Joice Triatman Pretty News Anchor

.fullpost{display:inline;} Smart, beautiful and independent she is Joice Triatman. News Anchor “Afternoon Bulletin” RCTI this is the type of women that combines all the elements of beauty in itself. He also glorify love, even that can be made “mad” because of love. One again, he was not married yet.

Joice Triatman

A dream or aspiration has many meanings for a Joice Triatman. Who is he? May not have known if a beautiful face not exposed to the public. Final night in the Miss Indonesia 2008 some time ago, Joice Triatman host with Tantowi Yahya.

foto Joice Triatman

Why interested in journalism?
I like the public speaking and active. Always be the head of the class, so the head of OSIS and happy join the race. It seems that once the work is glory, it’s prestigious. And that may be spelled, is a journalist’s dream of me first.in 2005, I have the opportunity to place Miss Indonesia. From there open the opportunity to achieve dreams, including working as a journalist, such as now. After the contract as a Runner Up Miss Indonesia I finished, I offer myself and talk to the RCTI, that I am interested in the news and want to join. Road is finally open. Not easy initially, because I did not take study in the field of journalism, I was a mathematics graduate from the University of Parahyangan Bandung.

foto sexy Joice Triatman

foto berani Joice Triatman
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