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Cara Buat Cursor Yang Diikuti Text

Baik lah langsung adjah ya, kalian pasti bosen baca tulisan saya yang g karuan ya…^^
Pertama buka blog anda
Pilih tata letak>>Tambah Gadgets>>Pilih html/Javascript>>Masukan kode berikut

//mouse//Circling text trail- Tim Tilton//Website: http://www.tempermedia.com///Visit http://www.dynamicdrive.com for this script and morefunction cursor_text_circle(){// your message herevar msg=’belajar blog‘.split(”).reverse().join(”);var font=’Verdana,Arial’;var size=3; // up to sevenvar color=’#ff0000′;// This is not the rotation speed, its the reaction speed, keep low!// Set this to 1 for just plain rotation w/out dragvar speed=.3;// This is the rotation speed, set it negative if you want// it to spin clockwisevar rotation=-.2;// Alter no variables past here!, unless you are good//—————————————————var ns=(document.layers);var ie=(document.all);var dom=document.getElementById;msg=msg.split(”);var n=msg.length;var a=size*13;var currStep=0;var ymouse=0;var xmouse=0;var props=”“;if (ie)window.pageYOffset=0// writes the messageif (ns){for (i=0; i < n; i++)document.write('’+props+msg[i]+’‘);}else if (ie||dom){document.write(”);for (i=0; i < n; i++)document.write('’+props+msg[i]+’


‘);}(ns)?window.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEMOVE):0;function Mouse(evnt){ymouse = (ns||(dom&&!ie))?evnt.pageY+20-(window.pageYOffset):event.y; // y-positionxmouse = (ns||(dom&&!ie))?evnt.pageX+20:event.x-20; // x-position}if (ns||ie||dom)(ns)?window.onMouseMove=Mouse:document.onmousemove=Mouse;var y=new Array();var x=new Array();var Y=new Array();var X=new Array();for (i=0; i < n; i++){y[i]=0;x[i]=0;Y[i]=0;X[i]=0;}var iecompattest=function(){return (document.compatMode && document.compatMode!="BackCompat")? document.documentElement : document.body;}var makecircle=function(){ // rotation propertiesif (ie) outer.style.top=iecompattest().scrollTop+'px';currStep-=rotation;for (i=0; i < n; i++){ // makes the circlevar d=(ns)?document.layers['nsmsg'+i]:ie? iemsg[i].style:document.getElementById('iemsg'+i).style;d.top=y[i]+a*Math.sin((currStep+i*1)/3.8)+window.pageYOffset-15+(ie||dom? 'px' : '');d.left=x[i]+a*Math.cos((currStep+i*1)/3.8)*2+(ie||dom? 'px' : ''); // remove *2 for just a plain circle, not oval}}var drag=function(){ // makes the resistancey[0]=Math.round(Y[0]+=((ymouse)-Y[0])*speed);x[0]=Math.round(X[0]+=((xmouse)-X[0])*speed);for (var i=1; i < n; i++){y[i]=Math.round(Y[i]+=(y[i-1]-Y[i])*speed);x[i]=Math.round(X[i]+=(x[i-1]-X[i])*speed);}makecircle();// not rotation speed, leave at zerosetTimeout(function(){drag();},10);}if (ns||ie||dom)if ( typeof window.addEventListener != "undefined" )window.addEventListener( "load", drag, false );else if ( typeof window.attachEvent != "undefined" )window.attachEvent( "onload", drag );else {if ( window.onload != null ) {var oldOnload = window.onload;window.onload = function ( e ) {oldOnload( e );drag();};}elsewindow.onload = drag;}}cursor_text_circle();

Kalimat yang berwarna merah silahkan di ganti dengan kata-kata yang anda inginkan.

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